High-quality project management services worldwide for energy, oil & gas and industrial sector.

About us

ConComExp Oy (construction commissioning expert Ltd) was founded in 2024. Even though the company is young, our experts have over 25 years of solid experience on the field.

We operate globally and can communicate in Finnish, English and Spanish. 

We are solid in Construction Management and Supervision, Mechanical Management, Supervision and Commissioning Services in the power plant and boiler sectors. We can provide you infinite solutions.


The information on this page is intended as a brief introduction to the services we offer. For complete details on our services, or to discuss a unique challenge or other requirement please contact us – so that we can better understand your project needs.

Project management

Our experts have participated in numerous industrial projects worldwide. We are skilled in working in challenging and multicultural environments succesfully.

We have solid expertise in power plants (HFO/diesel, gas, coal and Bio) & boilers (Auxiliary, exhaust gas, CFB, BFB and Grate).

Our primary target is to reach all project goals, scope, time, quality and budget needs.

From the smallest details to long-range planning, we will supervise every aspect of your project, customizing a targeted plan to keep your project on-track, on-time and on-budget.


We at ConComExp draw upon our diverse expertise in engine overhauls, project management, commissioning, Start-ups, and
O&M to provide you and your staff with all the answers needed archive your planned goals.

Our Experts will provide you infinite solutions for planning, execution and organization, monitoring and control at each stage of
your project.

Our experts will manage your entire project from day one to commercialization.


ConComExp support services are designed to address your project’s safety (PPE), overhauls, repairs, commissioning, O&M, warranty and training needs.

Our power plant support services include but are not limited to:

  • Overhaul, maintenance and repair supervision.
  • Plant operation and maintenance optimization.
  • Recommendations for plant repairs, services and spare parts for O&M
  • Onsite inspections for emergency repairs or/and planned upgrades
  • Procurement support of new and/or refurbished equipment, engines and parts
  • Procurement support for all safety products (PPE)


Our Trusted Partners worldwide in Power Plants, Boilers and Wood handling & processing



We want our clients to have the most qualified and focused professionals contributing to a successful completion. If your project big or small is suffering or lacking appropriate management, supervision or craft manpower resources, please contact us, we can probably help you.

Mikko Sola

Managing Director

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